Lost Mine Of Phandelver

Don't Ever Tell a Goblin a Secret

The adventure began at the Neverwinter stables. This is where the adventures met each other for the first time. Gundren Rockseeker and his escort Sildar Hallwinter met the group, he asked the new heroes to protect a cart full of supplies for Barthans Provisions in Phandelin. The group managed to get half the payment (5 gp) and get the rest when they make their delivery. Before heading out Sildar told you that when you’re done helping Rockseeker, maybe you can help him with the criminal element in Phandelin. Before Rockseeker mounted his horse you saw him very carefully placing a map in a pouch on the saddle of his horse. You got out of him it contains the location of a lost mine that only he and his two brothers know of the location. They left ahead of you to take care of business in town. You experienced an uneventful trip headed southbound on the High Rd, but ran into trouble heading east on Triboar Trail. You found two dead horses on the narrow trail. Right after you discovered that the arrow filled horses belonged to Rockseeker and Sildar, you were ambushed by four goblins. In the beginning the goblins gained the upper hand, but the tide quickly shifted.. Wirel on top of the cart used his arrow to take out a few, then Reevan put a sleep spell on the rest and captured one of them. The goblin (Kiki) they captured was intimidated by Roflcopter, and he spilled his guts about everything.

-there are less than twenty goblins in a hideout cave nearby called Cragmaw
-his tribe is working for someone named King Grol
-their immediate leader is a bugbear named Klarg (Kiki thinks he’s a jerk)
-he even revealed the hidden trail to get to the cave
-Sildar was taken to the cave
-Rockseeker was taken to Cragmaw Castle (Kiki didn’t know the location)
The group argued for a bit of whether to finish the delivery or rescue Sildar. They voted to head to the caves. securing the cart in a safe location they took a short rest. Then they made their way down the very tight goblin trail. Kiki pointed out two traps to the group, passing through the trail with no incident, and seeing Cragmaw Cave you set Kiki go.
Sneaking up on two goblins that were suppose to be guarding the mouth of the cave, Reevan cast another sleeping spell on them. You decided to tie them up and hide them in the thickets. Just inside the cave Fillius came across a chamber with three wolves on chains. Two of them broke free of the chains, but all three were put down quickly. Inside the kennel the group found a natural chimney going 30ft up. After Wirel and Roflcopter failed to even get off the ground, Fillius easily climbed up. Peaking his head out of the chimney he sees a large bugbear, a big wolf and two goblins.


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